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Hair loss is a big problem for many of us. Each time a strand of hair says goodbye to our scalp, our brain goes into a sort of frenzy. Such people are always on a lookout for few tips and medications in order to prevent the impending hair fall. Meaning this article to cater to exactly such people, let us not waste any more time in the modalities and get straight to the point.

It is believed that losing about a hundred hairs a day is normal. If the amount of hair one loses surpasses that, then such a person is in danger of hair loss. Hair fall, which is generally caused by deficiency of vitamins, iron, minerals in the body and other non dietary-related factors like age, pollution, hormonal imbalance, illness, among others, can be controlled through the following words of advice. Some of the key hair fall prevention and hair strengthening formulas are listed below:

Dietary Tips

  • The type of food one eats affects the life span of his hair. Boost the iron in your body by taking iron-rich fruits like apple and beetroot in your daily diet. Iron happens to be one of the key ingredients, the deficiency of which leads to hair fall.
  • Taking not less than twelve nuts a day will help strengthen your hair. You also need a lot of protein such as dairy products as it helps the hair grow healthy. Fruits and vegetables are also useful in this dietary formula.
  • Drinking coconut water also prevents hair loss.

Lifestyle Tips

  • Getting enough sleep, as simple as it seems, does help impart strength to the hair. Eight to seven hours sleep is considered enough sleep for adults. Many medics suggest that sleeping right helps your hair by keeping them healthy and shiny.
  • Dandruff and lice also lead to hair fall. To get rid of dandruff, hair lice and chemicals you need to shower daily or wash your hair very well whenever you apply chemical on it in order to prevent over reaction or damage to the hair. Another means of doing away with dandruff is by massaging your hair and scalp with a mixture of camphor cubes and coconut oil. If you can’t afford or find the materials for the above, rub a lime on your scalp, leave for ten minutes and shampoo the hair. If you can’t stand that method, use medicated dandruff shampoo and oil on your hair. You will bid farewell dandruff in no time.
  • Never comb your hair when they are wet. Wrap them up in a towel for while. Thereafter you can let them dry in natural air, for excess usage of hair dryer destroy hair structure there by making them weak and eventually fall off.
  • Remove split ends from your hair by trimming them every month .This will strengthen your hairs just as a bunch of broom is more powerful than a single piece of broom.
  • You need to protect your hair from dust and Sun. Make sure you cover your hair while moving in the Sun.
  • It is also important that you avoid using too harsh clips or band on the hair. You should not make your hair too tight either through weaving or through styling them where the scalp skin stretches out too much for long durations. This weakens the hair roots and causes damage to the hair follicles.

Herbs and roots usage

  • Get a concoction of   henna and neem leaves intensively boiled in mustard oil. Then filter it. Pour it in to a bottle with some cubes of camphor. Use this to massage your hair, and it will be strengthened.
  • A mixture of whipped eggs, curd and henna powder can also do the magic of preventing hair loss.
  • A bi-monthly massage of your hair with lukewarm coconut oil, olive oil or almond oil is a good tip for preventing hair loss. You can even mix the three types of oil and apply it on your hair.  
  • Mixture of almond oil, olive oil and castor oil can stop your hair from further falling.
  • To take care of bald patches on your head, rub onion on it and then apply honey over it. Wash it off after few minutes.
  • A mixture of ground amla shikakai and henna leaves is also recommended to those whose hair is already falling. All the person concerned need to do is to apply the paste and wash it off after a while.

All the above mentioned tips should be ample to help you resolve any hair fall issues. However, if the above pointers do not prove to be of much help, contact the doctor immediately, for the problem might be owing to some other health issues as well.

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