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Low fat cooking techniques

low fat food

We all have read about high calories and low calories food type, but there are some techniques available with which you can reduce food calories as well. Some low fat cooking techniques:

1. Steam:

Steaming cooking food in a perforated basket or container over boiling water. The water can be scanted with herbs or spices to impart flavor.
Steaming is an excellent no-fat way to prepare food because of the fast. moist, high heat cooking.

2. Roast:

To roast means cooking the food in a an oven in an uncovered pan at very high heat (to roast quickly) or at low heat (to marry the juices with herbs and spices). Roasting intensifies flavors.

3. Stew:

To stew means cooking food slowly with liquid in an oven, on the stove top or in a crock-pot. This technique tenderizes the food using minimum fat.

4. Poach:

Poaching means cooking food on the stove top in a gently simmering (not boiling) liquid such as stock. Adding spices or herbs to the liquid imparts flavor.

5. Grill:

Grilling is cooking food over an open fire or burning coals. This type of cooking imparts a smoky flavor. Almost any vegetable can be grilled using a perforated basket.

6. Marinate:

To marinate means tendering, flavoring and seasoning foods in a mixture of herbs, spices and some form of acid (wine, vinegar or citrus juice), oils can be added if desired.

7. Braise:

To braise means browning of food in a minimum amount of fat first, then covering and cooking in an oven (or on the stove top) with a small amount of liquid.

8. Saute:

To saute means cook food in some form of fat in a shallow pan. Pieces should be of the same size for even cooking. Try to steam most vegetables before sauteing them in just a little olive oil or butter. Less fat is used because it’s not relied upon for the cooking process.

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