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While there are an innumerable number of hair loss products on the market shelves, not all are cleared by the FDA. However, the fact that these are not FDA approved does not mean that these products, lotions, pills, devices are less effective in treating the hair fall issues in any way but the point here is these treatments have not passed all the scientific tests that a FDA approved product goes through and its effect as well as side effects are not fully documented or tested for under several different clinical conditions.  While there are many companies faking the treatments and prescriptions, befooling thousands who take their medicines in the hope of getting treated of their hair fall conditions, the FDA prescribed a set rule book according to which they approve a treatment. This FDA approval means that the given treatment is completely free of all flaws and side-effects and has proven its worth in front of the FDA approval board. FDA approval automatically makes any product a lot more trustworthy and reliable as both its effect as well as side effect are fully known.

Some of hair loss products with FDA approval are mentioned below:


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When the hair fall patients were being fooled by the fake hair treatment companies, FDA recognized a salt that was highly proficient in solving the problem of hair loss in men and women, with even extreme cases. This salt was recognized as Minoxidil. Initially used as an ingredient in a medicine called Loniten, which was used to treating high blood pressure, just like in the case of Proscar, this also developed hair growth as its side effects.

Minoxidil, like many other medicines and treatments, which are proving successful in treating the hair loss and baldness, works by promoting growth and revival of the follicles in the scalp, while also fighting the formation of anti-follicular agent, which is dihydrotestosterone (DHT). The exact mechanism is not understood, however it is apprehended that minoxidil leads to the opening up of potassium channels in the hair roots and follicles, promoting growth of the hair. Further, it consists of Nitric Oxide, which is believed to be a blood vessel dilator. This results in increased and improved blood flow to the scalp, hence improving the hair. It has been seen that minoxidil proves to be more effective in younger men.

Usually sold in the markets by the name of Rogaine and Regaine, minoxidil has been used with a lot of success in treating the problem of hair fall and baldness amongst men and women. Nowadays, minodixil is also used as the major ingredient amongst many of the hair treatment medicines and therapies. Hair fall treatments using minoxidil use 2% to 5% concentration of minoxidil in the topical solutions for treating baldness amongst females and males. Sold in various forms, minoxidil can be used either as a topical solution, foam based solution or pills.

Some of the side effects of Minoxidil include itchy scalp, initial increase in hair loss, acne, head aches, low blood pressure, irregular heart beats, vision problems, loss of libido, weight gain, impotence or any other allergic reactions. Consuming large amounts of minoxidil might also result in hyper-tension. However, these side effects are not permanent and vanish after a few days of use of Minoxidil based solutions in most cases.


Propecia was originally called as Proscar, developed by Merck and Co. Originally, Proscar was used to treat benign prostrate hyperplasia (BPH) in men. BPH occurred when the hormonal levels in men increased. Testosterone was held responsible for this condition. Increased levels of testosterone led to the conversion of testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT) with the help of alpha reductase enzyme, which was present in the genitals and the scalp of the human body. This conversion and increase of DHT in body led to the condition called BPH. Now Proscar aimed at reducing the DHT levels in the body by preventing the conversion from happening. While being effective in treating BPH, researchers noticed that Proscar was having a side-effect – it led to the re-growth of hair on scalp. Once further research was put into it, researchers realized the cause of hair fall and baldness to be the same – increased levels of DHT in body. Due to the effectiveness of Proscar in treating DHT’s increased levels, it also became counteractive in treating baldness. The company renamed Proscar to Propecia and FDA approved of it as an effective and safe hair fall treatment in 1997. Since then, it has been proving to be one of the most effective hair fall treatments in the whole world.

The main ingredient that is present in Propecia is Finasteride, which is a synthetic antiandrogen aiming at reducing the working mechanism of alpha reductase enzyme. This in turn reduces the DHT levels in the body, as explained earlier. Researches prove that in about 6 to 8 months of use, hair re-growth can be experienced in the crown and side lines of the scalp.

However, there is a cliché here. Finasteride or proscar or Propecia – all these medicines are not to be used by women and children. Especially pregnant women are advised not to come in contact with any form of finasteride tablets, crushed or whole, as it may lead to dysfunctional organs in the baby, though the research is yet to be validated. These medicines do prove effective in women, but these may cause a lot of hormonal dysfunction in the female body. Similarly, many males have reported a loss of libido or sexual drive due to the consumption of these hair fall medicines. However, once the consumption is stopped, the body functions come to normal again after some time. Few other side effects also include depression. In the athletic world, the use of Finasteride and inclusive medicine has been banned, since these medicines can cover the steroid abuse.

Laser comb

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Though there are many who question the working of a laser comb in stopping hair fall and inducing hair growth, laser comb has indeed been granted the FDA approval. For all those wondering how laser, something we all are scared of, can induce hair growth, let us explain it in detail.

Many experiments were conducted where it was noticed that when laser was targeted on a shaved head, it led to a faster re-growth in the hair. When researched further, it was found that exposure to laser stimulates the red blood cells. Researchers realized that laser converted Adenosine Triphosphate into Adenosine Diphosphate. This process released a lot of energy resulting in the metabolic changes in the cells. This further led to the additional nutrients and oxygen being released into the scalp, assisting the metabolism of the cells, thereby increasing the blood circulation on the scalp. An increased blood circulation helped in making hair healthier and increasing the hair shaft diameter.

Laser comb works on the same procedure, thereby helping the blood flow in the scalp and inducing hair growth. Usually, doctors combine the use of medications and laser comb together to fasten the growth of healthy hair on the person’s scalp.