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Hair loss is caused by many reasons, some of which are cited below:

causes of hair fall

  • Some illnesses, involving abnormal endocrinal or hormonal conditions like diabetes and thyroid, can result in hair loss. In women, the abnormality in hormonal balance might occur in the polycystic ovary, leading to hair loss. It has been seen that when the body undergoes severe traumatic conditions, due to illness or accidents, the process of hair growth stops temporarily. The baldness in such cases appears only after few months. However, this condition is temporary and the hair growth resumes once the condition has been resolved.
  • Some medications and treatments given for treating the cancer in patients also result in hair loss. Chemotherapy has been seen as the most disparaging medical treatments of all that results in sometimes, permanent hair loss. Apart from this, medicines containing chemicals like isotretinoin, and lithium also lead to the problems of hair loss. Detailed information on such medications and treatments which causes Hair Loss can be found by clicking here.


  • A type of skin disorder, Alopecia Areata, affects the scalp and other body areas, resulting in the loss of hair. In United States alone, it is estimated that this particular disease effects over 5million people. In this condition, the immune system of our body turns against the hair follicles and cause damage to them, permanently at times.
  • Trichotillomania is a psychological condition where people themselves start pulling at their hair bringing out tufts of hair at one time.
  • The most common of them all in today’s world – various hair treatments and styling – causes incurable damage to the hair and the follicles. Hair treatments like straightening, perming, coloring etc involve usage of chemical treatments, which harm the hair directly. Further, styling your hair where the hair is pulled at for a long duration of time also causes damage to the hair follicles, sometimes permanent in nature.
  • Poor nutrition, where the person lacks the intake of required proteins, minerals and vitamins in his diet, also results in causing damage to hair.
  • Lastly, most common amongst the adults, Androgenetic Alopecia, also called as the male pattern baldness, is a condition where a combination of factors leads to the hair loss. Often permanent in nature, abnormal hormones, genes and androgens are the direct causatives.
  • Dandruff

Once the underlying problem leading to the hair loss is identified, the doctors and the patients can start working towards treating the root cause. Once the causative has been resolved, the problem of hair loss will automatically get arrested.

Some times, doctors also suggest using of hair growth medicines like minoxidil and corticosteroids. Using soft shampoos like bay shampoos, abstaining from blow drying your hair, gentle handling of hair, avoiding frequent chemical treatments, consuming a protein-rich balanced diet etc are few of the ways, apart from those prescribed by the doctor, which can help you get those lovely tresses back into the follicle.

So stop worrying about the hair loss and get working to have your life back to normal.

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