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Hair loss is a problem that many adults face, starting in the early twenties to going up to the age of eighty. While many adults do accept the fact that they are going bald, some others try their hardest in order to recover from the impending baldness. Now consider this – when the very prospect of baldness amongst the adults proves to be so traumatic an experience, how would it be amongst kids?! While the kids too are concerned with the issue in their growing days, for others it is the parents who undergo hell at seeing their young ones go bald at that very tender age.

[info]In this article here, we would be discussing various causes leading to hair loss amongst the kids. While some of the causes of hair loss amongst the kids are same as those amongst the adults, hair loss in kids is more often caused by a few other causatives, which are more likely to ravage the scalp conditions of their age only. Let us read on in more details, the information on these childhood-related hair loss problems.[/info]

One of the most commonly seen problems amongst kids, which results in hair loss is cradle cap. It is a seborrhic disease that results in scaling of the skin that comes out in clumps of skin bringing tufts of hair along with it. However, this is a very age related problem and does not have long lasting effects. As the child grows and the problem gets resolved, the hairs take on the normal growth pattern. However, you can consider visiting the child’s physician to seek advice on the steps you can take in order to heal the child quickly.

Another reason for hair loss amongst kids is Tinea capitis. A fungal infection in nature, this condition results in the hair loss in patches, scaling of skin, enlargement of lymph glands, formation of nodules on the scalp etc. In such cases, the child would have to be treated using an antifungal medication. In case it is not treated in time, the fungal infection might invade the skin of the scalp too, leading to the formation of sub-cutinous masses on the scalp, called as Kerions. Doctors would usually require doing a culture in order to check for the fungal infection. Once this has been confirmed, the doctors would prescribe anti-fungal creams, shampoos and oral medications in most severe cases and kerions.

Trichotillomania is one other common condition, which lead to the hair fall amongst kids and infants. The kids, when being in a stressful condition, start pulling at their hair, on either the scalp or the eye lashes. This results in the breaking of hair in an irregular pattern, usually at the shaft level. If continued for a long time, this might lead to a permanent damage to the hair shaft. However, proper counseling and ridding the child of stressful situations might help in resolving the problem. Trichotillomania has also seen occurrence amongst the adults as well.

Traction alopecia is another of the problem, though most commonly faced amongst the older kids, who have their hair braided too tightly. Tight hair styles, which pull at the hair, lead to a certain level of damage towards the hair roots, making them weaker and more prone to hair fall. This condition is the same amongst the adults as well.

[highlight type=”light”]One of the most ravaging of the disease is Alopecia areata. In this condition, the hair falls automatically, rendering the child completely bald in one or more areas of the scalp. There are no other additional symptoms seen in this kind of hair fall like scaling or the redness of the scalp. There is not much need for worry in this condition. Being age related, this condition takes its time in recovery and recovers automatically as the child grows. The hair resumes the normal course of growth and the childhood symptoms of hair loss or baldness is completely lost. [/highlight]

Amongst infants, as the mature hair replace the birth hair, the child may face hair loss. This condition is called as Telogen effluvium. This condition may also occur in the older kids, however for a different reason. When a certain illness occurs amongst the kids, there may be a partial blocking of the process of growth in the child. The hair growth is also effected by this. As the growth resumes its pace, this blockage results in the hair loss of the old hair, while the new hair then replaces these old hairs.

Some other causes for hair loss amongst kids happen to be congenital alopecia and scarring alopecia. Congenital alopecia is a birth condition, in which the child does not have hair in certain parts of the scalp from birth. This might be due to any reasons like aplasia cutis congenita and nevus sebaceous. In scarring alopecia, the hair loss might be in the infant due to factors like trauma on the scalp or an inflammatory reaction on the scalp.
At times, certain treatments like treatments for cancer etc lead to the hair fall in the kids. The mechanism in the kids when it comes to the treatments for cancer is the same as that in the adults.

While the reasons for hair fall amongst kids are many, most of these conditions are treatable in nature. You simply need to identify the cause and get it treated for a nice lock of hair on the scalp of your child.

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