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Hair Color – Have a new look

Hair Color – Have a new look

Now it’s time to change yourself with colorful hairs.Be funky and cool.

Color Idea:

Exclusive hair style is not enough to be attractive, you have to choose a exclusive hair color too.
There are many options for hair coloring.It may be either high-lightening or stricks, semi permanent hair coloring or complete hair coloring, it makes you feel young.

It’s important that the the product you choose, will match your face complexion too, like brown, copper, chocolate, or khaki suits for brown skin tone, blue or blue red suits for wheatish tone, so go and choose your hair color.

Hair Colors Palette
Hair Colors Palette

Hair colors are of two types:
1. Permanent hair colors
2. Semi permanent hair colors

1. Permanent hair colors:

In this type of hair color, color is mixed with hydrogen paraoxide and hair cuticles and romekup are opened easily as a result of that and hairs acsept new color fastly.

2. Semi permanent hair color:

It’s temporary effective color, it stay for some weeks only. In this light or dark shade of your natural hair color will be apply. It contains ethenolemine and 3% paraoxide which opens hair cuticles slightly, because of that hair color becomes fad after doing shampoo for 15 to 20 times.

Personality And Hair Color:


1. High lightes hair:In this type of hair coloring , hair are colored with many colors because of highlights, hairs are looking like rainbow in which blue, yellow, red and more colors have seen in sunlight.

2. Golden Hairs: It suits mostly on fair complexion, if you want to color your hair golden please take a advice from your hair expert.

3. Red color:
Red looks sexy, which attract people. so use it with precautions.

4. Black color: It is for those people, their hairs changed to white early. It is also effective in anti aging.

5. Brown Hairs:
It is the most popular hair color. It suits on any age, in this lighten or darker every shade is available.


  • Do hair color first time in any good saloon.
  • Choose color which matches your skin tone.
  • Read carefully precautions before coloring.
  • Be aware for your eyes.
  • Choose good brand’s ammonia free product.
  • For test do color in a part of hairs firstly.
  • Use color protesting shampoo and conditioner only after coloring.
  • For smooth and hydrate hairs take a deep conditioning treatment in two weeks after coloring.
  • Retouch your hair color if necessary.
  • Protect your hairs from sunlight.
  • Take balance diet for healthy hairs.

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