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Give your hair a new life with Hair Spa

hair spa

Why Hair Spa

Because your hair deserves to be as beautiful a you are..

Everyone wants silky shine hair, but this is not that easy. Hair loss, rough and dull hair are common problems, if you are the one who have face this problem, then don’t worry you don’t need to use mehandi, amla, shikakai or something else.
Healthy and shiny hair – You can use hair spa for making your hair silky and shine. Hair spa is a treatment which can give your hair a new life, a new look. Spa can apply on each body part.

Do I need a hair spa?
Today there are many types of shampoos are available in market, in which some are hard, some are soft and some are moisturize, and many people start use of those shampoos without knowing that which one is suitable for their hair, and it cause hair loss, dry hair, dull hair.

In this fast life people do not have time for proper hair care, bad time schedule, less sleeping hours, stress, tension are the main causes of hair loss. So be awaire for your hair and hair spa is a nice alternative.

Before Hair Spa:
1. Wash your hair with a mild shampoo.
2. If your hair are hard then use natural conditioners like, egg, curd, mehandi or herbal products before hair spa.
3. In Hair Spa a cream is used for massage your hairs, do confirm that this is a branded product and it suits your hair, and it doesn’t causes any allergy to you.
4. If your hair are split or you have dandruff then please take a trimming for your hairs.
5. If you have hard hair, then please use shampoos with moisturiser after hair spa.

Moisturized your hair with hair spa

In this treatment first they will do shampoo your here, then rinse it properly, then apply hair spa left for 15 to 20 minutes and give your hair steam and again rinse, this time with cold water. Short time treatment hair spa makes your hair stylish and silky. Hair spa includes following treatments too:

Hair spa to remove dandruff:
One of the biggest reason of hair fall, dry hairs is dandruff. Dandruff makes hair spillted, dry and dull and it also causes skin infection. By hair spa dandruff can almost remove from the root of hair.

In this treatment firstly a web tone gives to your hair, web tone is a electric drier which remove diposite dandruff from the scalp. after that a amques is given, in this capsules of layer are applying on hairs and left for 15 to 20 minutes, after that a hair toner massage by oil is given for 20 to 25 minutes, and in end, all left dandruff is removed by giving current from ozone electric machine, and after that hair will again rinse.

Deep conditioning:

After all that processes deep conditioning is given to your hair for shine. It is the most famous method for removing damaged, rough and dead hair. After hair spa you will feel a new glow and shine in your hair.

After Hair Spa

After Hair Spa you have to keep some precautions:
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  • Please use only branded products and follow the instructions on it.
  • Do confirm that this product suits you.
  • Use conditioner regularly (2-3 time a weak), it makes hair shine.
  • Always apply shampoo with a little quantity of water.
  • Before taking any treatment be sure that this is safe for your hair.






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