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Does vitamin D deficiency cause hair loss?

Does vitamin D deficiency cause hair loss?

Our diet has a significant impact on our hair health and this is common knowledge but which nutrients exactly affect the growth of hair and the deficiency of which nutrients can cause hair loss still remains a mystery for most of the people. One of the most underestimated vitamins is vitamin D because most of the people might not know this but a deficiency in vitamin D cannot only affect your bones but can also cause hair loss as well.

“Does vitamin D deficiency cause hair loss? “ This is one of the prime causes of hair loss but since most of the people do not know about the relationship of vitamin D and hair health, they do not pay any attention to it when they are suffering from excessive hair loss.

You might be thinking that, where is the research to back this but extensive research has been done by Cairo University which is related to a very specific type of vitamin D and hair loss. The vitamin D deficiency which is responsible for hair loss is the vitamin D2 deficiency. Along with this, deficiency in iron levels can also cause hair loss.

According to the Cairo University, the deficiency of vitamin D results in imbalance in the genes which are responsible for the growth of hair follicles and thereby resulting in higher hair loss and then lower growth of the hair which is intact. In addition to this, you should be keeping in check the iron levels in your body as well because they also have an adverse impact on the hair health.

Ideal quantity of vitamin D:

This brings us to the very important question regarding what is the quantity of vitamin D which you need to remain healthy and this is directly related to your age age. Until the age of 60, 600 IU per day is needed for fulfilling the vitamin D requirement of the body but if you’re over this age then the vitamin D requirement increases and you should be targeting 800 IU per day.

Just to give you an idea, a normal package of orange juice can have up to 120 IU of vitamin D and if you like seafood then you can have salmon to increase the quantity of vitamin D in your diet as a 3 ounce serving of salmon can contain up to 400 IU of vitamin D. It is not that difficult to include vitamin D in a larger quantity in your diet if you intend to do so.

Thus, vitamin D and hair loss are related to each other and you should be keeping a watch on the amount of vitamin D in your body if you want to prevent excessive hair loss.

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