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Dates – Superfood For Your Hair And Skin

Dates – Superfood For Your Hair And Skin

Dates, popularly known as Khajoor. Dates are known and eaten as a regular dry fruit by most of the people. But do you know the Dates – Superfood For Your Hair And Skin.
Dates are a very rich source of vitamins and minerals and are very healthy source for the body.

It has so many health benefits. Dietary fiber in dates binds to the bad cholesterol in the digestive tract and removes them from the body. Date fibers also help to move food slowly and smoothly through digestive tract – this helps to keep blood sugar levels steady. Thus it can help in maintaining blood sugar level as well.

Hair Benefits Of Dates

  1. Prevent Hair Loss: Full of Nutrients dates supply a steady dose of nutrients required for your hair follicles to grow the right way. Thus they keeps your hair healthy and strong.
  2. Stronger hair: 2-3 dates a day can manage your hair with nutrients sufficient to keep the follicles and strands healthier and stronger. Full with vitamin B, these sweet snacks are wonderful remedies for hair loss. It also contains iron, yet another prime element that prevent hair loss.
  3. Taking dry dates will nourish hair root and make your hair stronger. Date oil is excellent for hair and problems like hair loss.
  4. If you have hair loss due to any kind of vitamin or mineral deficiency in the your body, which is common, dates can actually prevent it and boost new hair growth.
  5. For longer, thicker hair: Dates oil can be massaged on to scalp to reap the nutrients hidden it for a longer, stronger, and thicker hair.

Skin Benefits Of Dates

  1. The presence of most effective vitamins for good skin, that is vitamin A and B, as well as minerals such as iron, calcium, and magnesium, make a very popular skin food.
  2. For better Hydration: Loaded with vitamin C, dates does wonders in soothing the skin and keeping it hydrated. It also possesses the potential to retain the moisture level and improve the skin elasticity.
  3. Have a younger looking skin: Regular intake of dates, can reduce the signs of aging and wrinkles. Vitamins present in Dates will helps in maintain your skin wrinkle free and increase the natural glow.
  4. Natural effective remedy for various skin problems: Dates are rich sources of vitamin B. And, studies have proven that this group of vitamins are essential for treating various skin disorders. You can treat your acne scars and stretch marks by applying mashed dates with honey.

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