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Bald is Beautiful

bald is beautiful

Why do you hate your baldness? You hate your baldness, because other people don’t find bald attractive. Especially if you are very young man. Getting baldness can be Attractive! And bald can wildly succeed in this world! You’ll become Attractive Bald Man! Yes bald is beautiful.

Going bald is a nightmare for many throughout the world, suffering from this ailment. While the reasons owning to the hair fall and baldness are many, the problem ravages males and females alike. However, in our male dominated society, male baldness has proven to be more acceptable than the female baldness, due to which, many females undergo living like a taboo in the society.

However, the point is, is hair fall and baldness really a taboo? Can a person not enjoy his or her social life and relations with that bald patch on their head? Is it really important to spend millions of bucks simply to get that precarious patch of hair back onto your scalps?

While many before have asked similar questions, the population of people who actually flaunt their baldness and use it as their sex quotient is really low. In the whole of my life, I have seen hundreds of people worried about their looks and trying out very many different hair styles, simply to hide their fast approaching baldness. Women, especially, tend to go ballistic with the very prospect of falling hair.

Nevertheless, there are many others too who have faced baldness with pride and worn it like any other hair style. The truth is, it is we who decide whether to make baldness look good on us or not. We can either take baldness as normally in our stride as any other thing or make an issue out of it. The more we feel awkward with the baldness, the more highlighted it will get.

Bald is Beautiful

The trends have been changing however. While there are many cultures and religion which seek for baldness, like Buddhist monks and few ceremonies in Hindu culture as well; there are many people who are embracing baldness as a fashion trend. There was a time when long hair was in fashion and anyone with short or little hair was considered a complete fashion fiasco. However, the equation has seen a tremendous change recently.

Who can forget Britney Spears with a completely shaven head. Even though media and the world all over condemned her for her thoughtlessness, the very action pointed towards how wrong the society’s perception of baldness is. Besides Britney Spears, many other well known celebrities celebrating baldness happen to be Utah Republican Senator Jake Garn, Bruce Willis, Michael Rosenbaum, Patrick Stewart, Michael Jordan, Chris Daughtry, Taye Diggs, Sean Connery, Andre Agassi, Jason Statham and Vin Diesel. These are only a few names in the huge list of celebrities who are specially rejoicing their new bald look and are even coming in public sporting the same bald look.

In a survey undertaken a few years back, the new study suggested that more women were attracted towards bald men as baldness gave these men a feel of maturity and intelligence. Similarly, many men found bald women as highly attractive by the way these women flaunted their baldness and the comfort level with baldness. With this kind of awareness spreading all across the globe, many hair saloons have also started providing special privileges to the hair less.

A new wax treatment has been developed which aims at removing the remnants of the fringe on the scalp making the scalp completely free of hair. More and more people have responded to this treatment and are rejoicing the fact that they are bald.

[blockquote]The old days of lamenting hair loss and holding onto the last bits of hair strands on your scalp are gone. You need to let go and embrace what is inevitable to enjoy the new look and make peace with your life. Going bald is definitely not the end of the world and the life goes on as good as earlier. [/blockquote]

While many people might require a little adjustment to the new look, baldness is completely in for all those fashion conscious people. This last statement goes for, not just the males on their path to baldness or who are already bald, it hold equally well for the females.

Accepting baldness is completely upon you and making peace with it would be the smartest option you have got right now. We simply have one thing to say to you, to boost your courage and will to embrace baldness — “Bald is beautiful” and this has been proven by many before you! Simply look around and you’ll realize there were more bald men than you realized there were. Simply because these few other men were at peace with their baldness, you too did not find it an issue with them! The choice is for you to make now!

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