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Be it young or old, the issue of hair loss becomes a cause of concern for a lot of us. With all of the human generations so strictly stuck to the concept of personal beauty, baldness or hair loss might come as traumatic.

To most baldness is devastating to say the least. Hair loss is marked by a condition when you are loosing hairs more than you normally should. It is widely believed that it is normal to shed up to100 hairs per day, assuming that the average scalp has 100,000 hairs. Although this is not scientifically validated nor has it taken in account the age or gender. However, if you are loosing more hairs then this normal shed you most probably are suffering from hair loss. This increased hair fall depending upon your gender, age and physical condition could be due to many reasons.

Many people, in such cases, resort to treatments and actions without even analyzing the causes of the hair fall. We here at Hair Fall Guide intend to provide you with the most up to date information related to hair fall, its causes and measures to prevent further hair loss aiming at hair regrowth which is possible in a lot of cases. However, before understanding the causes and treatments, it is of extreme importance that we first understand the making and structure of our hair and roots.

Made up of Keratin, our hair is the long shaft coming out of the root, which is below the skin. The hair root, in turn, grows from the hair follicle B.eneath the hair follicle is the hair bulb, which is the determining factor for the color of the hair, by producing melanin. On a normal day, people lose about fifty to hundred strands of hair. However, in case the hair loss amounts to a greater number, it is quintessential that you consult a doctor.

We are suggesting you consult a doctor instead of taking any home remedies because the cause of hair loss is not one. With many reasons that might lead to hair loss, a remedy without identification of the actual cause might actually harm the hair further.

Once the underlying problem leading to the hair loss is identified, the doctors and the patients can start working towards treating the root cause. Once the causative has been resolved, the problem of hair loss will automatically get arrested.

Some times, doctors also suggest using of hair growth medicines like minoxidil and corticosteroids. Using soft shampoos like bay shampoos, abstaining from blow drying your hair, gentle handling of hair, avoiding frequent chemical treatments, consuming a protein-rich balanced diet etc are few of the ways, apart from those prescribed by the doctor, which can help you get those lovely tresses back into the follicle.

So stop worrying about the hair loss and get working to have your life back to normal.

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