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7 Celebrities With Hair Transplant


1. Salman Khan


Salman Khans hair transplant surgery is one of the most high profile celebrity hair loss stories. Because as one of Bollywoods most famous actors, Salman Khan is one of the most famous celebrities all over the world.

It was a rumor that either he used Hair Fiber , Hair replacement or a wig as well. But whatever the talks his procedure is regarded as one of the most successful high profile results ever accomplished.

2. Shane Warne


Shane Warne has been undergoing hair loss treatment with Advanced Hair Studio since 2006.

His own words – “I’m regrowing my own hair…Yeah Yeah! The decision for me to do something about my hair loss was simple… I didn’t want to go bald. So as soon as I started to lose hair I saw Advanced Hair Studio, and under therapy my own hair started to grow again.”

3.John Travolta


John Travolta has successfully over the years maintained his glory days through a respectable hairline. It is no longer a secret that John Travolta has a bald, thanks to hair transplant technology.

Does John Travolta wear a wig, some hair fibre or did he get a hair transplant? The solution will be any but he problem is that it’s so obviously unnatural. He’s tried dyes, nettings, different lengths, and it always seems to be indicating of a hairpiece.

4. Sylvester Stallone


It didn’t take Sylvester Stallone too long before he decided that he should have a hair transplant. It isn’t announced where he has undergone this operation but everyone knows that this has happened.

It is obvious nowadays that the techniques used for hair transplantation have improved. The first hair transplants were easily seen and it wouldn’t take you more than 20 seconds to understand that someone has a hair transplant.

5. Matthew McConaughey


Matthew McConaughey is a great actor and one of the most prevalent sex symbols of Hollywood. He is not the only one who ages, and certainly not the first (nor the last) to deal with the issue of baldness.

After the 2014, Matthew Mcconaughey was on the spotlight and many people asked about Matthew Mcconaughey’s hair transplant. Everyone wondered what it was, a hair transplant, hair plugs, minoxidil plus finasteride, some vitamin suppliment or anything else.

6. Nicolas Cage


It’s believed that Nicolas Cage had a hair treatment at some point to reduce the signs of balding. However, rumors suddenly circulated around the internet that he is wearing some kind of wig and others say he have a hair transplant . He still has a balding forehead, but has just enough hair to make it work.

7. Sourav Ganguly


The former Indian Cricket Captain, known for his unkempt hair had developed a bald spot right in the middle of his head. To stop the balding, he immediately turned to hair transplants.

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